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We are a learning space that seeks to create opportunities focused on the education of professionals who want to empower and transform the legal sector.

At LETRA we create opportunities!

Through our learning paths you will develop an innovative vision within the legal sector. You will learn practical and fundamental tools that will allow you to transform your business vision and enhance your professional career.

Learn about our LETRA Top Skills courses

Through our virtual short courses you will develop an innovative vision, strengthening fundamental skills in topics focused on the legal sector.

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Learn about our LEP programs

Develop innovative and competitive skills and knowledge that will allow you to enhance your professional career through the best practices in the market.

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Firmas que nos respaldan

Contamos con el apoyo y participación de las firmas de abogados más reconocidas de Colombia a nivel nacional e internacional.
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  • brigard-urrutia
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Meet our LETRA Board Members

Our board of directors is composed of recognized experts in the industry, with extensive experience in the lifelong learning and corporate education and legal sector.
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_AC

Alejandro Castellanos López

Partner López & Asociados
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_MIA

Martín Gustavo Ibarra Pardo

Partner Araújo Ibarra
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_MJC

Mauricio Jaramillo Campuzano

Partner Gómez-Pinzón
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_DMT

Diego Muñoz Tamayo

Partner Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_JD

Jorge Di Terlizzi Breton

Partner Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uria
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_JPC

Juan Pablo Concha Delgado

Partner Baker McKenzie
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_MRG

María del Rosario Gómez Jaramillo

Partner DG&A Abogados
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_AMB

Andrés Montoya Benítez

Partner Posse Herrera Ruiz
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_GV

Guillermo Villegas Ortega

Partner Contexto Legal
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_MHF

Marta Helena Forero Sepúlveda

Co Founder UBITS
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_ACC

Álvaro Cala Carrizosa

Partner Brigard Urrutia
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_CAY

Claudia Aparicio Yañez

Partner Singularity University Colombia
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_EC

Eduardo Cárdenas Caballero

Partner Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_JL

José Ignacio Leiva González

Partner Castro Leiva Rendón
fotos_Junta Directiva_LETRA_SG

Santiago Gutiérrez Borda

Partner Lloreda Camacho & Co

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Testimonials from our LETRA Trainees

Find out what professionals who have taken our traineeships have to say about them
Fotos_Testimonios_Quienes Somos_LETRA_ACC

Álvaro Cala


It is a great opportunity to acquire information, training, and better practices for all members of our law firms. 

Fotos_Testimonios_Quienes Somos_LETRA_MAV

Maripaz Atencia Vásquez


I just discovered LETRA Legal Training and I invite you to see more about its incredible courses designed by great leaders.
Fotos_Testimonios_Quienes Somos_LETRA_MIA

Martín Gustavo Ibarra


I firmly believe in the present and especially in the future of LETRA. in this new era of virtual reality and I agree with Diego in the gigantic complement in the development of the CSL objectives.

Fotos_Testimonios_Quienes Somos_LETRA_VDG

Verónica María Díaz Granados Guerra


What a pride to be part of this team and great project. Congratulations LETRA Legal Training!
Fotos_Testimonios_Quienes Somos_LETRA_GV

Guillermo Villegas


We are very proud to be partners of this entrepreneurship, which is a model of innovation and dynamism in the world of lifelong learning and corporate education for lawyers.

Fotos_Testimonios_Quienes Somos_LETRA_DMT

Diego Muñoz Tamayo


This is perhaps the most important effort of the CSL in its 15 years and if we manage to consolidate this challenge, it should be an entrepreneurship with enormous social impact that can open immense possibilities for progress to the legal community.
Fotos_Testimonios_Quienes Somos_LETRA_CR

Cristina Restrepo


Without a doubt, LETRA is a bet that opens the way to the opportunities that exist within the sector. It is the means that allows covering the needs of firms and professionals to provide quality solutions and tools.
We believe in the opportunity to build on change, in the power of transforming a vision and in empowering the idea of making a difference.


Welcome to LETRA.

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