LETRA Masterclass

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En LETRA hemos desarrollado sesiones cortas, intensivas y didácticas con expertos de todo el mundo.

Aprenderás herramientas útiles y prácticas para enriquecer tus conocimientos y aplicarlas en tu día a día.

Lourdes Fuentes Slater

CEO and founder of Karta Legal LLC The Legal Tech Tipping Point is Now
  • We will talk about what it means to be a T-Shaped Firm or Legal Department, how to get there, and what your priorities should be right now!
  •  Transforming your Firm or Legal Department into a T-Shaped is the GOAL, but the PROCESS is Innovation
  • To become the T-Shaped Firm or Legal Department you MUST be ready to COLLABORATE
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Katri Nousiainen

Abogada Legal Design And Ethics in Commercial Contracts

In this presentation, you will learn

  • The advantage of using design methods
  • The advantage of using law and economics
  • The impact of Legal design and ethics in commercial contracts
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Sarah El-Atm

General Manager at August Mindset Over Method

In this session, we’ll be discussing how focusing on mindset in building a team can provide better results. While tools and processes help a team ‘get the job done’, you will undoubtedly achieve more by ensuring your team’s mindset is aligned before you incorporate different tools.

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Abam Mambo

Microsoft’s Legal Regional Director Changing Minds & Guilt-Tripping: An Advocate’s Ethical Lessons From Film

Before your next big pitch - whether to the jury for a favorable verdict, the coffee line to let you jump ahead, or the traffic cop on why you shouldn’t get that speeding ticket - consider whether you’re waltzing (or driving) into an ethical issue.

Through legendary onscreen characters, this MasterClass will explore the ethics of persuasion and the consequences of getting others to see things our way.

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Sara Bojanini

Co fundadora Kosh Creative Labs Define Tu Marca Personal a Través del Maquillaje

Esta Masterclass te permitirá:

  • Preparación de piel para maquillaje.
  • Técnica de piel glow (luminosa).
  • Cómo aplicar contornos y rubor.
  • Técnica de cejas.
  • Look de ojos.
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Tatiana Florez

Coach de Marca Personal y Directora Creativa El Arma Secreta Más Poderosa: Tu Marca Personal
  • Descubre el poder de tu marca personal.
  • Explora herramientas prácticas para desarrollar tu marca personal.
  • Conoce los principales tips para el manejo de la marca online.
  • Inspírate conociendo sobre líderes ejemplo en marca personal.
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